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Lima Been – Memories of Peru (#1)

So this is Lima: bleak, dank and bone-shatteringly cold. Didn’t someone say same latitude as the balmy Solomon Islands? But where are the swaying palm trees, the summer-in-winter temperatures?  We have 2 bags filled with blowsy surf shirts and shimmery moo-moos, linen suits and a veiled peek-a-boo hat or three for formal wear, and, at […]

Lima Been (Memories of Peru #3): Buddy, can you spare a…

Three months in and we’ve been exposed to a host of things Peruvian – ceviche (cubed, raw fish ‘cooked’ in lemon), a wedding (2 hour church service, 11pm-4am reception complete with funny hats and masks at 2am), a birthday party (a groaning outdoor buffet table, skewered beef hearts, a musician playing a wooden box and […]

Sweet Southern Accent: Sicily

My impression of Sicily, sad to admit, has largely been informed by Godfather movies and tabloid tales of grimy, crimey underworld doings. Sure, I knew about moody Mt Etna, and I’d imagined honey-coloured hilltop towns, bowls of tomatoey pasta, blue-water beaches and fresh-caught fish. I didn’t realise, however, just how long Sicily has been on the […]

Great Scot: Glencoe House

There’s whisky by the fire, gasp-inducing highland panoramas from the windows and even a family crest of a beaver chomping the base of a maple tree carved into the red sandstone gable out front. Glencoe House has Scottish pedigree in spades. Built in 1896 by Lord Strathcona, creator of Canada’s transnational railway, and restored to […]

Driving Force: Trinidad to Viñales

In Cuba, hitching-hiking is a necessity, as well as a national pastime, thanks to the lack of public transport and the cost of fuel. Everyone does it: congregating under shady bridges, at town entrances and exits, at crossroads and bends. When we spotted men idling by the edge of the autopista nacional  we thought ‘lift’, but […]

Revolutionary Road: Cuba

Two-and-a-half million tourists flock to Cuba nowadays, most dipping into Havana en-route to Guardalavaca and Varadero for all-inclusive deals in resorts with languid swimming pools, nightly cabarets, buffet breakfasts, spas, bungalows, golf swings and a never ending supply of mojitos. It’s not the only Cuba. Cuba is many things. Bicycle, horse-carriage and taxi drivers hassling […]