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Cooking the Books in Paris

Chefs and the food obsessed from all over descend on La Librairie Gourmande to hunt out tomes dedicated to cooking, culinary arts and techniques, wine, food styling, table design, flower arranging, and food-themed dictionaries. That hard to find book about butchering goats and rabbits. It’s here, along with ones about sausages,  truffles, gingerbread houses, and beer […]

Bake That: Café Marlette

In 2009, sisters Margot and Scarlette Joubert cooked up the idea to bag organic ingredients to make breads, cakes and biscuits for cooks who were too time poor to bake, and non-cooks whose idea of homebaked bread was oven thawing a frozen loaf. They looked to their childhood home of the Île de Ré, a […]

Chill Factor: Pierre Hermé

Pastry princeling Pierre Hermé is best known for his macarons, but seems he’s an ice cream maven too. Thus we have Miss Gla’Gla, a new take on the old ice cream sandwich which sees macaron biscuits deputising for the traditional wafers. Miss Gla’Gla Montebello features swirls of pistachio ice cream and strawberry sorbet between pale green macarons, Isaphan is […]

Angel at My Table: La Pâtisserie Ciel

The streets of Paris are paved with pâtisseries and yet more keep popping up….the Les Fées Patissières with their ‘fairy’ cakes, Thoumieux with its Breton shortbread tarts festooned with fresh strawberries, rhubarb and jelly cubes, or lemon cream peaks flecked with meringue buttons, Claire Damon’s second Des Gateaux et du Pain outpost with its mango and caramel […]

Sugar Plums: Les Fées Pâtissières

Once upon a time in lands far far away, two fair French maidens were whipping butter and eggs and coaxing marzipan in their quest to make the perfect wedding cake. With new found skills and sugary dreams they returned to Paris only to find it flush with cakes and creamy creations but the more they […]

Paris by the Book

Anne Charlotte de Langhe, editor-in-chief of Figarscope, Le Figaro’s weekly must-read of what’s going on in the city, knows a thing or 100 about Paris and its charms. Les 100 choses à avoir fait au moins 1 fois dans sa vie à Paris (100 things to do in Paris at least once in your life), with […]