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Great Scot: Glencoe House

There’s whisky by the fire, gasp-inducing highland panoramas from the windows and even a family crest of a beaver chomping the base of a maple tree carved into the red sandstone gable out front. Glencoe House has Scottish pedigree in spades. Built in 1896 by Lord Strathcona, creator of Canada’s transnational railway, and restored to […]

Hotel Saratoga, Havana, Cuba

HAVANA: The towering Hotel Nacional might have the Frank Sinatra suite and the Eartha Kitt inaugurated Cabaret Parisien but for my money there’s a richer taste of Havana, and less coach tour groups, at the Hotel Saratoga. Perched on the corner of Prado and Dragones, this gracious neo-classical señora is smack dab in the centre of […]

The Reich Stuff: Berlin

So many reasons to visit Berlin: Sir Norman Foster’s lustrous cupola atop the Reichstag (and it’s free to boot!), the Trabi Safari (a tour around town in a gaudy sardine can on 4 wheels), chi-chi shops in Charlottenburg (handmade hats and vintage …

Belgian Accent: Ghent

Ghent is a gem. Cobbled streets, canals, impressive architecture, great galleries and museums and cool design bits on every corner. Back in medieval days, it was Europe’s second largest city after Paris thanks to the textile trade. Since then it’s…

London Eye

My heart belongs to Paris but sometimes I lend it to London. Here’s why…Westminister Cathedral and the Houses of Parliament glinting in spring sunshine. Big Ben chiming. Bobbies (almost) mugging for the tourist cameras at No.10. The blue of Tower …

Date with a Plate: François Gagnaire

The “Gagnaire from Puy” is no relation to the haute cuisining “Gagnaire from Paris”. That’s Pierre. This is François. And this is the Haute Loire or more precisely the fetching town of Le Puy en-Velay. The youngest-starred chef in the region (he e…