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Sweet Southern Accent: Sicily

My impression of Sicily, sad to admit, has largely been informed by Godfather movies and tabloid tales of grimy, crimey underworld doings. Sure, I knew about moody Mt Etna, and I’d imagined honey-coloured hilltop towns, bowls of tomatoey pasta, blue-water beaches and fresh-caught fish. I didn’t realise, however, just how long Sicily has been on the […]

Great Scot: Glencoe House

There’s whisky by the fire, gasp-inducing highland panoramas from the windows and even a family crest of a beaver chomping the base of a maple tree carved into the red sandstone gable out front. Glencoe House has Scottish pedigree in spades. Built in 1896 by Lord Strathcona, creator of Canada’s transnational railway, and restored to […]

Orient Express: Yoom Paris

You know the dim sums must be on the money if they’re served up in the teahouse of the Maison de la Chine, stylish travel agency-cum-exhibition space and passionate advocate of all things Chinese. These dim sums come courtesy of YOOM: beef and ginger with a hint of basil, chicken and tamarind, vegetable, or the traditional […]

Festival de la Gastronomie Provençale

Châteauneuf-le-Rouge, a pretty ochre-tinged village just 12 kilometres from Aix-en-Provence, normally has a population of around 2500. Come Sunday July 7, their ranks swell as 10,000 food lovers descend as part of the Festival de la Gastronomie Provençale. Now into its 21st year, the Festival is a celebration of all the things that Provence does […]

Eat Your Greens: London

A Frenchman, an Israeli and an Italian are making greens the new black in London. Begone soggy carrot, a curse on your house. Out mushy sprout. Get thee to a compost heap. Away insipid tomato. Welcome char-grilled asparagus with green gazpacho sauce and pink peppercorn melba toast, poached egg with white bean hummous and flatbread, […]

A Glass Act: Venice

We skipped the recommended tour of Murano despite the urging of our perky concierge. I come over glassy eyed at factory visits. Instead, we hunkered down in Venezia profonda, getting lost, sipping Soave, chasing Tintoretto, boot-stamping in chilly…