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Sweet Southern Accent: Sicily

My impression of Sicily, sad to admit, has largely been informed by Godfather movies and tabloid tales of grimy, crimey underworld doings. Sure, I knew about moody Mt Etna, and I’d imagined honey-coloured hilltop towns, bowls of tomatoey pasta, blue-water beaches and fresh-caught fish. I didn’t realise, however, just how long Sicily has been on the […]

Eat Your Greens: London

A Frenchman, an Israeli and an Italian are making greens the new black in London. Begone soggy carrot, a curse on your house. Out mushy sprout. Get thee to a compost heap. Away insipid tomato. Welcome char-grilled asparagus with green gazpacho sauce and pink peppercorn melba toast, poached egg with white bean hummous and flatbread, […]

A Glass Act: Venice

We skipped the recommended tour of Murano despite the urging of our perky concierge. I come over glassy eyed at factory visits. Instead, we hunkered down in Venezia profonda, getting lost, sipping Soave, chasing Tintoretto, boot-stamping in chilly…

The Reich Stuff: Berlin

So many reasons to visit Berlin: Sir Norman Foster’s lustrous cupola atop the Reichstag (and it’s free to boot!), the Trabi Safari (a tour around town in a gaudy sardine can on 4 wheels), chi-chi shops in Charlottenburg (handmade hats and vintage …

Date with a Plate: Boco

“Bon, beau et bio” that’s the motto of boco. “Good quality, beautiful and organic” food. Sounds like many a Paris bistro. The difference is that this is fast food, takeaway even, without a burger or gummy crêpe in sight. Brothers Vincent and Simon…

Date with a Plate: Neva Cuisine

It’s not the Musée d’Orsay but the Quartier de l’Europe has bags of Impressionist cred. Manet spent most of his life around here. Caillebotte was also a resident (his “Rue de Paris: Temps de pluie” is the Place de Dublin circa 1877). Monet was a l…