A Little Piece of Mine

Sugar Plums: Les Fées Pâtissières

Once upon a time in lands far far away, two fair French maidens were whipping butter and eggs and coaxing marzipan in their quest to make the perfect wedding cake. With new found skills and sugary dreams they returned to Paris only to find it flush with cakes and creamy creations but the more they looked, the less they found. Unlike Goldilocks on her third bowl of bear porridge, nothing was ‘just right’. So Déborah Lévy and Sarah Harb set about fixing that, convincing Eddie Benghanem, chef-pâtissier at Versailles’ Trianon Palace, to develop a batch of fairylike cakes fit for their exacting tastes. Firmly French, they counselled, rooted in tradition but resolutely modern and…wickedly delicious. All hail the Rum Baba Fairy (rum, lemongrass, citrus, mango coulis and cream), the Saint Honoré Fairy (choux pastry, toffee, rum salted caramel and a dollop of vanilla chantilly cream), the Raspberry Fairy (meringue, nubs of crispy raspberry, white chocolate mousse, fresh raspberry), the Candy Fairy (marshmallow, candy-flavoured cream, strawberry jam – a nod to Haribo’s ‘tagada’ strawberry sweet)  and all their wee friends: Strawberry, Chococcino, Vanilla Tart, Nutty, Lemon Tart, Paris Brest…enchanting to the very last. Les Fées Pâtissières 21 rue Rambuteau, 75004

For EASTER, the fairy cake queens have turned to Roald Dahl for inspiration. Just one of their 100 chocolate lace eggs, which come equipped with golden keys and locks, contains a Willy Wonkaesque prize. Amid the tiny flavored eggs hidden inside, there’s a golden ticket to spend an entire day in the “secret’ workshop of the man with the sweetest touch around, Eddie Benghanem. €90 for an egg and a chance.

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