A Little Piece of Mine

Paris by the Book

Anne Charlotte de Langhe, editor-in-chief of Figarscope, Le Figaro’s weekly must-read of what’s going on in the city, knows a thing or 100 about Paris and its charms. Les 100 choses à avoir fait au moins 1 fois dans sa vie à Paris (100 things to do in Paris at least once in your life), with completely adorable illustrations by Bertrand de Miollis, is her hit list. While there are a few tried and true suggestions (wander Paris’ atmospheric covered passages such as Véro Dodat, shop at cutting-edge Colette, buy an ice-cream from Berthillon on the Ile St-Louis), there’s much to ponder and attempt at least once… maybe twice.

  • Discover the graffii along the route of La Petite Ceinture (the “Little Belt”, a wild, abandoned train track).
  • Stand in front of Serge Gainsbourg‘s house in rue de Verneuil (warbling of “Bonnie & Clyde” or “Lemon Incest” optional).
  • Catch the funiculaire to Montmartre but be sure to be squeezed between two excited Japanese tourists.
  • Savour a mojito in the bar of Le Meurice (so hushed and totally clubby).
  • Buy flowers from Rungis, the wholesale food market in the Paris burbs.
  • Go to thé Café des Chats in the 3rd (a tea room with a dozen or so rescued cats purring about; side of fur balls is free!).
  • Devour a côte de boeuf for two at Chez Denise – La Tour de Montlhéry (a red-checked tablecloth classic in Les Halles).
  • Marvel at, and eat ever so slowly, a Paris-Brest from Philippe Conticini’s La Pâtisserie des Rêves.
  • Gobble pommes ­allumettes (matchstick chippies) at L’Ami Louis.
  • Order the œuf mayo (eggs mayonnaise) at riverside Le Voltaire.
  • Buy something in the myriad alleys of the mythical St-Ouen flea market.100 choses


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