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Never had it so Goude: ‘Goudemalion’, Jean-Paul Goude une rétrospective

Class-A image maker Jean-Paul Goude has crammed more than enough into 40 years to earn his first expo in Paris. Graphic artist, illustrator, designer, film director and advertising whizz for the likes of Chanel, Kodak (remember the too-cute Kodakettes?), Galeries Lafayette, Lee Cooper and Perrier, multimedia Monsieur Goude has produced some memorable and witty images along the way. We have paintings, storyboards, costumes, films, elaborate photography, props and designs for stage and street shows all assembled at this Musée des Arts Décoratifs show. There’s his muse and ex-mate Grace Jones, Vanessa Paradis caged up for Chanel’s ‘Coco’, Léa Seydoux acting out for Prada’s ‘Candy’, a diminuitive Azzedine Alaia held aloft by skyscraping model Farida Khelfa, and the extraordinary locomotive and waltzing lady designed for the 1989 Bicentennial Parade in Paris to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. A fitting gig, as Goude is a revolutionary man, renowned for reinvigorating and re-inventing brands – whether innate or human. Pre-Photoshop, Goude sliced up photos and reassembled them, stretching limbs and amplifying curves in the painstaking process, a technique dubbed “the “French correction”. Even un-cut pix impress: photos published in Esquire magazine in the 70s in which Goude portrayed the ‘tribes’ of New York – gay, Hispanic, African-American – are astounding. The show’s title ‘Goudmalion’ is a cheeky nod to his self-described role of Pygmalion to super-diva Grace Jones.  107 rue de Rivoli, 75001, until 18 March 2012

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