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Chill Factor: Pierre Hermé

Pastry princeling Pierre Hermé is best known for his macarons, but seems he’s an ice cream maven too. Thus we have Miss Gla’Gla, a new take on the old ice cream sandwich which sees macaron biscuits deputising for the traditional wafers. Miss Gla’Gla Montebello features swirls of pistachio ice cream and strawberry sorbet between pale green macarons, Isaphan is a mix of rose and raspeberry sorbets wedged between his famous Isaphan macaron, Mogador throws milk chocolate ice cream, passionfruit sorbet and caramelised roasted pineapple together with fruity macaron sheets, Miléna combines zingy fresh mint ice cream and red berry sorbet. Then there’s Infiniment gang of three: Citron (ice cream and almond paste made from sunny Menton lemons with lemony macaron), Vanille (vanilla ice cream and almond paste with vanilla macaron) and Café (coffee ice cream, almond paste and macaron). Summer in a sandwich. Thoughtfully, M. Hermé has tubs of  ice creams and sorbets on hand, which come in specially insulated packaging guaranteed to maintain an ice cream friendly temperature for approximately 45 minutes. Perfect for that spontaneous ice cream-only picnic. Miss Gla’Gla at €6.90, tubs (235ml & 940ml) from €7.50.

Pierre Herme

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