A Little Piece of Mine

Bottomline: Le Slip Français

Trust a Frenchman to christen his collection of low-rise briefs ‘Intrepid’, ‘Fearsome’, ‘Brave’, and ‘Triumphant’. Creator and business school graduate Guillaume Gibaut obviously paid attention in Marketing 101. There are no garish patterns, scratchy seams and geeky Y-fronts here, just good-looking red, white or blue undertogs made from cushy French cotton in a little factory down in the Dordogne, with a natty tricolor waistband. Cool, comfy and fiercely French. Gibaut’s has given his boxers more discreet monikers than the slips: Marcel, Emile, Eugène and André while Félix, Charles, René and Léon make up the baggy trunks tribe. On top, there’s James, Marlon, Mick and Paul, the t-shirts. King Tut liked a linen loincloth. Winston Churchill plumped for pink and silky smalls while Lord Byron didn’t even bother with them. Maybe he’d have changed his mind if Le Slip Français had been around?

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